Wigiwama’s guide to kickstarting the new year

We want to welcome the New Year in with the strongest start. We want to kickstart the year with strength, determination and bring us and our families the most positive start to continue with and to motivate us throughout. We know that it can be hard to set New Year's resolutions especially with little ones who change and develop so rapidly, so we’ve compiled our lists of things to think about for the year to come so you can start in the most positive way!   The Winter ‘Spring’ Clean If there is something we can all agree on, it’s how much our space influences us. We often live with toys around us that haven’t been put away and many...

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Wigiwama’s guide to taking the best photos this Christmas

Some of us will be with little ones who are celebrating their first Christmas this year and even if we’re not, this time of year is full of so many memories we want to capture. Due to the time of year, there's low natural light which isn’t the best for getting incredible pictures. We also love having a cosy space at Christmas time which contributes to lower light. 

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Wigiwama’s guide to the Ultimate Christmas Movie Night

The weather has finally arrived in the UK. It’s not cold enough just yet for snow, but with the nights drawing in early and a continual amount of rain, we’re loving more family time in our cosy homes. We have such a huge wealth of entertainment that can easily be brought into our living rooms. Whether we scroll through the internet to find the perfect film or use the scheduled programming on our TV’s, Christmas is always full of wonderful films - classic or new!

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