Wigiwama's Ultimate 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

We’re all beginning to be excited about Christmas. It might be October, but we love the build-up during December with our little ones which means we have November to sort everything and therefore October is the time to start planning! When we think about Christmas gifts, we’re not just thinking about our little ones but also the people who have surrounded and supported us during the year. We want to be able to provide a beautiful space to invite these people over to enjoy the season with and this is why our Christmas gift guide is a little different! Our Christmas gift guide is split into three categories; the tiny ones from 0 - 2 years old, the little ones from 2 - 4 years old and the things you need to make your home super comfy this Christmas!

Gifts for 0-2 year-olds


wigiwama bunny beanbag and koala cushion

Wigiwama Bunny Beanbag

The Wigiwama Bunny Beanbag has been a must-have for little one’s bedrooms and nurseries for many years. The velvet texture is warm and comforting, providing you somewhere to sit whilst holding your tiny ones and as they grow, it’s perfect for helping to support them as they develop. We love this piece for reading corners and the classic understated bunny ears are a playful touch for a piece so practical and useful. It will be something that will always be waiting to give your little one’s comfort and support as they grow.

Gifts for 2-4 year-olds


wigiwama velvet backpacks travel


Wigiwama Lion & Koala Backpack

As your little one begins to grow more confident in themselves and wants to feel more independent, the Wigiwama Lion or Koala Backpack is the perfect gift. The friendly illustrated embroidered character gives them someone to remind them of home when they’re out and about. The velvet texture feels soft and warming wherever they may go and they’ve got plenty of space to take with them whatever they might feel they need.

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Wigiwama teepee set play room


Wigiwama Teepee Set

The Wigiwama Teepee Set is where Wigiwama began and the perfect choice for excitement on Christmas morning. For your little one, they’ve got a new play area for their imagination to go wild, someone special just for themselves and somewhere to get creative. This is the ideal gift for longevity with so many opportunities throughout the year to use it. From a feature piece to add to beautiful decor in a nursery or bedroom, to the ultimate party theme piece, to beautiful picnics in the garden during summer months - the Wigiwama Teepee Set is the piece for fun all year round. 

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child drinking from wigiwama waterbottle


Wigiwama Waterbottle

A great stocking filler is the Wigiwama Water Bottles! A continuation of the beautifully friendly characters, the tiger and koala feature here again. The fresh colours look great from a shelf to a desk. Each lightweight bottle is insulated to keep drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. With a very functional sip and go leak-proof lid, your little one gets the gift of confidence, independence and responsibility too!

Make your home comfy this Christmas!

Christmas is the time where we want to bring our whole families together. We welcome people into our homes and we want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. Many of us throughout the year have made changes in our homes whether it be finding space for a home office or redesigning our children’s room as they grow. As we move toward the winter season we want to bring in those home comforts for everyone, so here are our favourites for the holidays:


wigiwama beanbag lounger in nursery

Wigiwama Beanbag Lounger

This beanbag is extra special. The Wigiwama Beanbag Lounger is large enough to have your feet up whilst watching films and have some well needed back support. The choice of colour makes it perfect for any living room and when you want to fill your home with the ones you love this extra seat will be fought over. It’s also perfect for those board game evenings around the coffee table providing a comfy barrier between those who are most competitive!


wigiwama pear beanbag in child's nursery


Wigiwama Pear Beanbag

You’ll not want to pass on the Wigiwama Pear Beanbag. This fun design looks great in a Christmas setting and adds to the feel of warmth and comfiness with its additional leaf. This size is perfect for if you’re in a tight space and you want to be able to move them out the way during the day to day movements (it’s also the perfect excuse if you’ve had your eye on one for your nursery or child’s room because you’ll want to ‘store’ it there!)


wigiwama cinnamon and beige cookie beanbag hanging on wall

Wigiwama Cinnamon & Beige Cookie Beanbag

Another super popular choice is the Wigiwama Cinnamon & Beige Cookie Beanbags. This exceptional aesthetic choice makes a bold statement in a home but suits all with it’s neutral tones. Favourite storage solutions for these include using their nifty handle to hang them on the walls and add an extra texture and shape to your interior design. These round beanbags are great for little ones to share and come in two sizes. 

With recyclable and reusable fillings, these beanbags are helping us all remain comfortable whilst being conscious of our environment. The cotton and velvets are both STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified so you can also be assured that they haven’t come into contact with any harmful chemicals that some dying processes do. 

Preparing for Christmas doesn’t need to be stressful. With some planning and some great ideas for creating comfortable areas for the whole family to relax in, you can enjoy all the festive moments too. Our Christmas Gift Guide is providing you with the ultimate ideas for making memories at this special time of year.