Wigiwama's Guide to Christmas Gifting for Children & Adults!

Christmas is a special time of year. Every family has their own way of celebrating and each generation takes their own spin on family traditions to create their very own special celebration. We spend a lot of time thinking, researching and organising the gifts we want to give our friends, family and children. We think about how much they’ll like it, how long it will last and what it will bring them in happiness and development. In this special gift guide, we’re going to give you inspiration for gifts to adults and children, so parents get as much use and joy out of the items you give as the children. Choices that will enlighten a little one’s life throughout the year whilst offering parents something too. Whether you’re looking to gift to your family who has little children, a friends family or you’re thinking for your own children so you get some benefits too, this is the gift guide for you!


1. Creating extra space

At Christmas, there’s nothing more endearing than all of the mismatched chairs and stools pulled up together at the table with all kinds of cushions and boosters to make everyone a similar height. From elbows hitting together to being unable to pull a cracker without standing up, the main meal at Christmas is something we all will look forward to being cramped against each other for this year. During the other relaxed moments of the day, as the weather has its rougher moments and everyone wants to snuggle in one room, we all crave the comfy and warm spaces. From opening presents and playing games to watching films and listening to stories, we all want to have somewhere beautifully comfy and cosy. We know how important these moments and memories are for our own families and love being able to give this opportunity to other families we love. Here are our top picks for comfy gifts that provide extra seats and become part of the household for years after too!

bunny beanbag


Wigiwama Bunny Beanbag 

A very popular favourite from the Wigiwama collection. The bunny beanbag has cute ear additions for something a little more fun in combination with the warming velvet fabric. So soft that everyone will be jumping on this one!


child crawling next to classy beanbag


Wigiwama Classy Beanbag 

The favourite spin on the most classic of shapes. This beanbag will be in keeping with anyone’s home with the variety of colours too. As with all of the Wigiwama collection, if any accidental spills happen on these they can go into the washing machine for easy maintenance. Another great option for adding extra places in your living room and perfect for putting in other rooms after Christmas too!


pink ottoman next to teepee


Wigiwama Ottoman

For something a little different to the traditional beanbag options, the Wigiwama Ottomans are just as comfortable with their uniform rounded shape. Great for throwing down next to low tables and perfect for a game of musical chairs too!


2. Encouraging little one’s independence

Whether you’re a parent yourself or not, we all know how important encouragement of life skills and development with children for both them and their parents are. Independence is crucially linked with personal development, creativity, inspiration and many other things. This skill helps little ones explore the world in their own way, become curious and inspire them to take those steps to find new things. We can provide gifts to these little ones that will gently encourage them to take those new steps on their own. Here are our favourite gifts for encouraging little one’s independence!


wigiwama children with velvet backpacks

Wigiwama Backpacks

These beautiful backpacks make perfect gifts. Their wonderful faces feel like taking a teddy bear everywhere you go. The soft velvet is a comforting measure for when little ones are away from their favourite people and gives them the space to be responsible for what they take with them. A very special friend to go on many adventures with!


child drinking from wigiwama waterbottle

Wigiwama Water Bottles

We love the Wigiwama Water Bottles for gifting too! These are perfect items that will last and begin to encourage the first steps of personal responsibility and independence. These water bottles are the go everywhere and anywhere bottles. Their bright colours and unique illustrations make them easily recognisable amongst others making them difficult to lose!

For more information on transitional objects check out our article here: What are transition objects and why do you need them?


3. Home décor 

Another favourite gifting category from us; home décor. We take pride in our interior designs and love sharing this with others. We also love gifting items that others love to have in their home spaces. Things that make comfy and cosy spaces for their children and make them happy by elevating their home spaces. Our favourites include:


wigiwama star cushion on bunny beanbag

Wigiwama Star Cushions

A fun, bold shape in a range of colours that suit any interior. Great for an additional accent or feature on beds or living room spaces. Little one’s always reach for this fun piece and it’ll be a hunt to find it for they’ll always want to be propping themselves up with it!


children leaning against wigiwama roll cushion

Wigiwama Roll Cushions

A great edition for a relaxation space. These shapes bring a great visual texture to an interior and are incredibly practical too. Perfect for leaning on, reading on and relaxing on. Perfect for adults and children. Made out of the perfect velvet material that everyone wants to snuggle up to!

Whether it’s for someone you love dearly or for yourself, this gift guide has ideas that will help adults and children alike. From creating more space for the Christmas fun to helping little ones develop to making the perfect looking home, there’s something for everyone. We hope this gives you some wonderful inspiration for long-lasting versatile presents that are a great addition all year!