Wigiwama's 5 ways to have a safe and non-scary Halloween with little children!

We’ve reached October of 2021 after a slightly rocky start to the year and that means that it’s nearly time for Halloween. This day is often one that children get excited about with the ability to join friends, collect sweet treats and dress up. But for some, Halloween can seem a little scary. Adults and children choose darker and scarier costumes that cover their faces and a time of evening where it’s darker when these strangers appear. The origin of Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve, where communities would dress up as saints and go around their neighbourhoods knocking on doors. They would recite poems or songs and children would receive ‘soul cakes’ which were very similar to biscuits and this is where ‘trick or treat’ originated from. For little ones, the costumes, volume of people and disguised nature of this evening can be a little scary or overwhelming. So here are our top 5 ideas for having a safe and non-scary Halloween night!


canopies over children's beds

1. Decorating the home

Even though they might not be wanting to go out on the Halloween evening, they’ll still love getting involved in decorating their home for whoever might knock on the door and for the rest of their family. This is a great opportunity to get crafty from pumpkins to bunting there’s something for all ages to get involved with! Our favourite things to do are looking for activities that help with sensory development too. The natural world is at a peak moment for collecting these Halloween colours for decorating in a way that will enlighten your little one’s space!

2. Halloween Sleepover

You might know of families who have children the same age as yours and some older who will want to go out. A Halloween sleepover gives you a safe space for your child and if you’re feeling generous, friends children too. They can then go out with their older children during the evening without concerns for their smallest child. There are so many activities that can be Halloween related for little ones but not in a scary way! Starting with the ultimate Halloween costume competition so everyone still gets to enjoy this part of Halloween. We also love a comfy evening full of little games and think a collection of beanbags make the perfect setup for if it’s games, films or just a super comfy area for laying sleeping bags down on. (and don’t forget the Halloween themed pancake breakfast in the morning!)


child cuddling wigiwama bunny beanbag

3. Healthy Sweet Treats

One of the best things about having your little one at home is that you can decide what sweet treats they indulge in and make sure that they are healthy (and they don’t make themselves sick!) Your little one can be involved in the creation of the treats allowing them to have a greater understanding of what these things contain, whilst building excitement for when they get to have them later in the day, a definite Halloween style feeling!

4. Family-Friendly Scary Film Night 

If it’s just you and the little children or your whole family, a themed movie night will never go a miss. With such a huge audience of little minds that don’t want to be too scared, there are plenty of films to choose from. Our seating range is ideal for these evenings. Not only are they great for creating a movie-style theatre in your living room so everyone can see but when your little one is feeling independent, they have their very own spot. However, if there’s a moment they feel unsure about, you can join them in a very comfortable fashion too!


child playing in wigiwama teepee


5. Halloween Play

Whether you need time to organise other Halloween activities or just a little time to do day to day tasks, asking your little ones to get creative with their own Halloween play can give you that little bit of time, be great entertainment for all and be amazing for your children’s creative and imaginative development. You can give them themes, props and costumes to start them off and see what they can come up with. Whilst other children are out, they then have the opportunity to present their new play to you and receive your undivided attention. We love the Wigiwama Teepees for this. They make a great changing room for different costumes, a fabulous prop (especially for dramatic entrances) and if you’ve got some very creative little ones in your home, they’re perfect for turning into a shadow puppet theatre!

We hope you liked some of our ideas. Halloween doesn’t need to be scary and children develop at different rates. Some children need that extra year to build their confidence up to want to go out and the draw of treats just isn’t quite enough yet. If you spend your Halloween at home and use any of our suggestions, you might find they actually would prefer to spend all Halloweens in the house doing the same cosy thing! 

If you’re heading out, stay safe!

If you’re staying in, tag us (@wigiwama_uk) in your cosy home doing some of our activities!