Wigiwama's 5 tips to make Bonfire Night one to remember!

Sometimes Halloween takes over this time of year. The excitement of sweets, dressing up and party like events is one to look forward to and takes planning to ensure the safest and happiest event. But, this doesn’t mean that we should spend all our energy here and not have a good time on Bonfire Night too! 

If you want some stay at home ideas we recently wrote an article about having a non-scary Halloween that you could tailor to this day too, check it out here: Wigiwama's 5 ways to have a safe and non-scary Halloween with little children!

In this article, we’re going to give you some creative and comfy ideas and tips to ensure that your Bonfire Night this year is remembered just as much as Halloween. As you’ll have learnt when you were at school, on the evening of the 5th of November, fireworks are let off and bonfires are lit to remember the day in 1605 when Guy Fawkes had a failed attempt on the Houses of Parliament, the Gunpowder Plot. This day to remember is now an opportunity for us to think about this what happened but also enjoy colourful displays and get creative with our little ones!


wigiwama cookie beanbag in childs room


1. Coming home after a Firework display

One of the most beautiful parts of this day is heading out to a bonfire and firework display. The loud noises, colourful displays and warmth are the ultimate sensory experience for your little one (even if they do need a few extra layers and some ear muffs!) Something that can make this experience even better, is what your family comes home to afterwards. With little toes and fingers feeling a little colder than normal for wanting to stay out longer to enjoy the sky, a warm home is just what everyone will want to come back to. Putting a few things in place before leaving will make your day the best of the season. Hot chocolate and marshmallows always put smiles on little faces along with a short film and lots of blankets before bed. We love the Velvet Bunny Beanbags or the Cinnamon and Beige Cookie Beanbags for their velvet materials that keep everyone warm and they’re so comfortable to relax in!


2.Taking photos in low light

We all love to take photos to remember the events we take our little ones to and especially to be able to capture how they’ve grown and developed over the years. The tricky problem with this event is that there is often very little light to capture these wonderful moments. But, it is possible! 

  • Use your available light

  • If you’re watching fireworks, there will be little bursts of very colourful light. This pairs perfectly if you can capture your little ones face in awe in this light!

  • Up your ISO

  • ISO is how sensitive your camera is to light. By making this number larger your camera compensates for lower light conditions and allows you to get your pin-sharp image (just watch out for noise!)

  • If all else fails, use flash

  • Flash photography can be great if used correctly. Sometimes it can wash out faces and create high contrast. Think of ways to redirect your flash and have it bounce off other things for a more natural finish.


    3. What are you pointing the camera at?

    Sticking on the photograph theme, just like our little one’s plays, this is a reminder to enjoy the moment. So often we feel as though we have to record every moment but we spend so much time concentrating on getting the perfect shot to record that we actually miss being there in the moment. The fireworks might be beautiful, but our little one’s faces and enjoyment is what we want to focus on. 


    4. Handprint bonfires

    To build anticipation and excitement on this day we love doing little creative activities. These keepsakes are a beautiful idea and create the time and space to talk about what this day is about and why we remember it. If you didn’t do this activity at home or at school whilst growing up, it’s simply using bonfire colours, painted onto hands and then printed over the top of each other to build a bonfire. This activity is also one that gives you the opportunity to capture your child’s hand size this year for you to look back on in the future. 


    wigiwama amber teepee in childs room


    5. Bonfire stories 

    If you decide not to go out, the weather is bad or you come back and an earlier time, we love creating our own ‘bonfire’ in the home. Using some bonfire coloured materials and some wooden items to create a fake fire and then placing cushions and even your Wigiwama Teepee next to it, to create your own camping area. This is perfect for storytime, discussing the fireworks, nibbling on sweets and chilling out before bedtime!

    No matter how you choose to remember this day, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration for how to make the most of it. We like to keep things interesting so our little ones get the most out of these events and remember them in years to come, and potentially these ideas will be passed down to the next generation too. Coming home to a snug space is our favourite and we love making a special event by moving things around to make a special camping area to share stories and memories!