Wigiwama: Why should you have a canopy in a child’s bedroom?

The Wigiwama Collection is a beautiful range of nursery and children’s room decor items along with useful matching products for daily life. Within this collection are the Wigiwama Canopies. These stunning pieces can completely change the way a room feels and functions. For a little one, it can be something truly magical and unique to them making it a great addition. In this article, we’re going to outline why these canopies can be so magical along with everything you need to know about them too!

wigiwama canopy

Why are canopies a good choice for a child’s bedroom?

Canopies are an excellent choice for a child’s bedroom from any age and hung over a bed or in a beautiful corner. They make their room feel different to any other in the house or any of their friends. There is something truly special about having this piece hanging from the ceiling! The canopies also create a private and quiet space that is just for them. This helps with independence, reflection time, security and stability.


How does a canopy help with imaginative development?

By providing your little one with this secluded space, their imagination has the time to explore their incredible ideas. Above their bed, the safe place is where they drift off to sleep and dream about amazing adventures each night. In another area of the room, the canopy is ideal for creating a place for getting lost in books and thinking about their next big ideas!


wigiwama canopy


What else do you need to know about Wigiwama Canopies:

The Make

Wigiwama’s Canopies are made of double gauze. This light, airy and soft material creates an ethereal feeling within a room. It moves easily with a little breeze and falls softly and delicately. The shape that it creates is the perfect and most inviting place to be!


The Look

The elegant and sophisticated drape appears truly magical in a space. In addition to the beautiful material each canopy also has little gold dots all over it to bring that extra special touch. With the right lighting, these shine and twinkle. From fairy dust to fireworks this look can bring any of your little one’s thoughts to magically come alive!


The Placement

These canopies are greatly versatile and can work in all kinds of interior designs. For over a bed they create a special and magical dream kingdom. In the corner of a room with other seating choices, it can become a great place to get lost in a good book. Wherever it’s put, this becomes the best place to relax too. Your little one will keep coming back to be independent with their thoughts!


The Materials

Wigiwama canopies are made of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Cotton. This fabric has a soft and slightly bubbly texture for the ultimate luxury feeling. With the additional gold detailing and floaty nature, the canopy is a light-hearted space created by being surrounded by the wonderful material. The gathering and pointed top appear as though the top turret of a castle and the material floating down allows any size area to be covered that you could want.


wigiwama canopy


The Assembly

Putting up the canopy is a great bonding activity. Between you and your little one a wonderful time can be spent putting the canopy up in the perfectly desired place. These conversations during the process allow great insight into your little one's imagination along with making sure it's in the exact place that they will get the most out of it. All the canopies are height adjustable so you’re able to get the perfect position and is simply adjusted with the matching ribbon. The mounting hardware is easily attached to any ceiling!


The Colour Choice

The Wigiwama Canopies are complimentary in any home with a range of colour choices. These feature pieces all have sparkling gold dots! The Wigiwama Marsala Canopy is a berry pink that has a warmth that works with neutral tones but can also easily be paired with other pink and soft tones. The Wigiwama Canopy Grey is a wonderful tone of grey that is still a feature, warm and a wonderful place to spend time under. The deep grey colour with the gold dots is like a starry night! The Wigiwama Canopy Caramel is a warm and sweet golden colour. A perfect bright accompaniment to a room this is the place to curl up with cushions and other cosy things!


Whether you're trying to create a romantic, nordic, vintage, boho or any other style, a canopy can complete a room. When trying to make your little ones space extra special this truly is the finishing touch. No matter what’s happened during the day they have their very own space created to relax and reflect in. The canopies are a wonderful addition and will be something they will remember and describe when they talk about what they had when they were growing up!