Wigiwama: What makes children happy?

After Christmas, we worry about a bit of a lull in attitude from our families. They’ve waited so long and with such anticipation for the day and when it's passed and they're full of festive food, there's a lethargy that follows. No one really wants to get up and get moving other to play with new gifts and motivation for the new year can feel a bit unenergetic.

With this in mind, we thought we would take a moment to remember what actually makes our little one’s happy. What lights their fire, what excites them, what brings a sparkle of interest to their eye but ultimately what makes them have that smile that makes us know that they’re enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time.

So what is it that makes children happy?


mum photographing child


Nurture and Love

Of course, our number one has to be nurtured and love, how could it not be? With such indulgence of material items over Christmas and often even ourselves spoiling our children as much as we can, sometimes it brings a feeling that we have to keep this up to keep children happy. Christmas comes once a year for a reason! There’s nothing more important to a child’s happiness than knowing how much love there is between you and them along with how you nurture them.


Positive Relationships

Whether it's between yourself and your little one, a sibling, a parent, a grandparent a friend or a new friend there are so many benefits to them building and maintaining positive relationships. There's so much for them to learn from the process of building relationships along with so many things that can be learned from those that they have relationships with. These relationships are a key part of human nature and these bonding experiences all help your little one grow into a rounded and happy individual.


Reflecting their nearest

If you’re happy, your little one will be happy. If they can see your positive and outgoing nature, they will follow in your leading footsteps. Spending time understanding what it is that brings happiness to yourself along with working on building your own positive wellbeing is a great source for your little one to learn from.


Learning optimism

Something that will help your little one has a very bright and happy future is by learning optimism. Generally defined as hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something, optimism is the continued momentum for keeping the head up, getting up when falling down and feeling positive about whatever might come their way. Being able to understand optimism and use it will keep little one’s fighting for better and remaining happy in the process.


girl playing under wigiwama canopy


Healthy Habits

There are lots of healthy habits that when combined help everyone to have a happy and wholesome life. From eating healthily to exercising regularly and everything else on the long list of habits that help the mind and body be strong, confident, healthy and happy. Working on these healthy habits with your little ones, whatever you might choose, will set them up for a very positive future which will also impact their happiness now.

Learning resistance

As we’ve just experienced from a wonderful Christmas, resistance is an important life skill. But this skill isn’t just about waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. The skill of resistance also helps build confidence and happiness. As they enter into the world of school and meet bullies or come across unwanted scenarios being able to take stock, think and work through a problem in a calm and controlled manner is crucial to maintaining a happy life. We never want our children to experience any type of upset but being able to set them up with the tools and skills to manage if these moments do happen will allow them to resolve these situations in a way that means they can continue being content and happy afterwards.

Playtime, playtime and more playtime

Whether your children are really small or are growing up very fast (always too fast for our liking!) playtime will always bring happiness. We’re not just talking about playtime alone or with a friend but playtime with yourself. Often the happiness comes less from the activity and more from spending quality time with yourself. There’s nothing your little one wants more than to spend quality time with you, learn from you and have fun with you. Playtime doesn’t always mean sitting down for a game, it could be going out to explore and have new adventures. But, whatever you choose, being with you and having your attention will always bring happiness to your child.


children reading on wigiwama cookie beanbags

Environmental influence

Our final point is how the environmental influences you and your little one. When you’re in a space that brings you joy and relaxation you know that you feel happier. Investing time in your space to make it somewhere you want to be makes you feel better, work more productively and enjoy life even more. The same goes for your little one. The more tailored their space is to their needs and bringing them positivity, the happier they can be. Their space can help nurture healthy habits, make them feel relaxed and feel safe amongst many other amazing factors. Other environments like spending time outside or around the people that love them can also have a positive impact on their happiness.

If you’re always thinking about your child’s happiness you’re not alone:

“According to new research, conducted by the UK’s first Children’s Happiness Coach, Simon Benn, our children’s happiness is actually our number one fear. Ranking above their attitude to learning, their academic achievements and even bullying. “


Instilling positive habits, making time for play, building positive relationships, sharing love and nurture, working on creating a beautiful environment, learning optimism and many other things can help your little one remain happy whilst giving them the brightest and most positive future.