Wigiwama: Top 10 at-home Half Term Activities

Last year we all spent a lot of time at home and we used up a lot of our creative ideas for activities to keep our little one’s entertained. Therefore we’ve put together 10 of our favourite at-home activities for your little one to enjoy independently or with you. As February remains a little colder than normal we’ve got a wonderful range of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep everyone happy and content whilst being at home for half term. Here are our top 10 at-home half term activities:

  1. Indoor Picnics
    The weather is a truly temperamental thing. We never know in the UK whether the forecast will be near correct or if it will just rain for days on end when we’d really like to be going out. One of our top activities for planning an outdoor adventure that might end up inside is a picnic. This is an idea that can involve lots of ideas from your little one and have them involved for multiple days. Day one for recipe designs, day two for planning where to go (or what room in the house!) day three to prepare and day four for the event! We love the Wigiwama Teepees for indoor spaces and creative picnics that all the toys can join. 

  2. Little Carnival Contests
    If you’re wanting to help your little one to burn some energy that they aren’t able to outside, we love putting together a themed set of games that keep them moving and with a little competitive spin. For this half term, we’re thinking a carnival theme would be fabulous fun, from apple bobbing to circus tricks there are so many bright and fun contests that could be put together!

  3. Photography Masterclass and Bookmaking
    If you’re looking to introduce your little one to a new skill to keep up their creative development over the holidays or it would be useful for their homework, putting on your own masterclass is a super fun idea. Teaching your little one a new skill creates an amazing bonding opportunity along with creating avenues for independent activities. Our favourites are to start the week with a masterclass in photography (even phone photography!) allowing them a few days to take lots of photos followed by a bookmaking session for them to get creative and have something tangible to show their friends when they get back to school. We love the Wigiwama Seating Collection and Wigiwama Cushions for creating an indoor set for photos!

  4. Planning an Adventure Day
    If the weather isn’t great or you are unable to get out for the first few days, we love to hand the reins of the organisation over to our little ones. This gives them some amazing research and logistics skills to work on. They can choose and plan where a day during the half-term your family gets to go and have an adventure. From a favourite lunch spot to a mini hike, they get to plan the execution of it beforehand. For younger children who might not be ready to be working on this just yet, we like to decide where we’re going and then let them pack and organise their own Wigiwama Backpacks and not forget their Water Bottles!

  5. Self-care day
    If there’s one thing we did learn through all those lockdowns is that we must make time to slow down and relax, this goes for our children too. It’s their half-term which is their break from school so planning a mini self-care day, morning or evening is a great and healthy way to start a habit of looking after themselves. We especially love the Wigiwama Beanbag Lounger for this type of day!

  6. Room Revamp
    We couldn’t leave this one off the list, maybe there is some time to redecorate! We truly believe that the design of a space impacts all individuals, no matter what age they might be. If your little one has reached a milestone, maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while and the half-term gives you the perfect opportunity to have their input on a new design and get it to exactly what they need and want.

  7. Get the inside insight
    Ask them what they want. If you’re totally stuck on ideas and none of ours is hitting the mark then be open and ask your little one what they’d like to do. They could totally surprise you and pick something you would have never imagined doing. This creates another fabulous time to bond because it might push you out of your comfort zone a little too!

  8. Promote Kindness
    This month there's a wonderful community focus on kindness across the country. Something we think is fabulous for our little ones to learn the habit of kindness is to ask them each day for the week, what they’ll be doing as an act of kindness on that day. They can have time to think about it and over breakfast have a conversation about what they plan to do. Whether it be to write a special note to a family member or select a few older toys to go to the charity shop, each day they do something wonderful to make a difference! 

Half-term can be both great fun and a bit stressful for parents. We hope that we’ve inspired a few fun ideas for you and your little ones to do over the break to keep developing minds active, energy being expelled and beautiful caring habits forming. 

If you try any of our ideas, come and share them with us on our Instagram page to join our community of other like-minded people!