Wigiwama: The best DIY Christmas Present made by children

As each year passes and our little ones get that little bit older, they want to be more involved in the gift-giving process. Families love nothing more than receiving gifts that are made from the heart and are truly unique. We have a wonderfully festive idea to keep your little ones entertained for quite a while and make something of their very own to give to the people they love. It’s a strong grandparent favourite, but Aunts and Uncles love them too and if you can keep it secret from a partner, it will surely be loved by them as well!

The Homemade Festive Film!

So our idea is to get your little ones to produce their own festive film! The process of making this is a great, creative and fun venture that will get their imaginations going and keep them occupied for hours if not days. Here’s everything you need to know to be the director of their independent film for the greatest success!


children with wigiwama making notes


1. Concept Boards

The first part of creating this modern gift is to have your little one come up with the story idea. What will happen? Who will be there? What problem will occur for them to solve? Will it be Christmas themed? Amongst many other questions, setting them up with a pen and paper that has a storyboard outline will give them the opportunity to come up with their own special idea. If they’re struggling, why not let them base it on a favourite story of theirs and they can create their own version?


wigiwama teepee in nursery set up


2. Finding a location and Scene Sets

Once they’re set on their idea, they’ll need to choose where this happens. Will it be in various places or just one? Will it be just inside or outside too? What will each scene have in it? We like involving set design like the Wigiwama Teepees. A great piece to include in a film because of how the characters can interact with it and how it can help to create an atmosphere. It also provides the opportunity for your little one to draw a scene behind it on wallpaper or another material like fabric and get really creative with it!


children wearing wigiwama backpacks


3. Props and Costumes

One of the greatest parts of this process is getting together all the bits to create outfits for costumes. Whether they get super inventive and start piecing things together and ripping apart old clothes or whether they need to borrow some adult shoes that are just too large, these are the moments that make this present extra special and unique. Collecting and making props is another great activity for the creative imagination! We love using the Wigiwama Backpacks for helping to convey the idea of travel. We also love the Wigiwama Cushions for creating environments that little ones can get involved with!


child reading in wigiwama teepee


4. Practicing

The best moment for your little one is when they get to practice. Bringing their creation to life! This will help them to see what else they might need and become a bit more fluid in their new acting role!


mum filming child bouncing on wigiwama cushion


5. Filming 

This is where things begin to get technical, but they also don’t have to! If you happen to have a camera in your home then that’s ideal but a phone will also work. This is also the perfect time to bring in an older sibling with a bit more technological knowledge if there happens to be someone. This gets the whole family involved in creating a really special Christmas present!


children reading on wigiwama cookie beanbag


6. Editing


After all filming has been completed, no matter how many takes it took, it’s time now to edit all of it together. There are many apps that can help make this process easier, and this again is a great opportunity to have a sibling who is a little older involved. If its just you and your smallest, they will have already worked so hard that of course, they’ll want to help. They will have a wonderfully creative input and it will only make it more tailored to their unique outlook - something the people you’re. closest to will love and enjoy.


7. Packaging 

Another incredibly fun part of this process is designing the packaging that it will be sent in. If you have family or friends that will be far away, the great thing about this is that it can be sent digitally for everyone to enjoy. However, great fun can be had in designing a special case for a CD or USB stick. Your little one can get creative once again and share what they would like to ‘advertise’ their film. If they get super into this and aren’t ready for it to be over just yet, they can design posters and tickets and all other things that come hand in hand with releasing a film!

There are so many creative ways to go with this and it actually becomes a wonderful budget-friendly Christmas present idea. There will be no one anywhere with something this unique and it will truly touch the hearts of whoever it gets sent to. Your little one will have great fun and a decade or so down the line it will be a wonderful memory to look back on. Who knows, maybe the next generation of your family will do this too!