Wigiwama’s guide to the Ultimate Christmas Movie Night

The weather has finally arrived in the UK. It’s not cold enough just yet for snow, but with the nights drawing in early and a continual amount of rain, we’re loving more family time in our cosy homes. We have such a huge wealth of entertainment that can easily be brought into our living rooms. Whether we scroll through the internet to find the perfect film or use the scheduled programming on our TV’s, Christmas is always full of wonderful films - classic or new!

When we think about how many evenings will be spent with everyone together, making a special event of a film can make things extra special. From the time chosen for the whole family to get together to the calm and comfy atmosphere along with some special touches will make all the difference!

Here are our top ideas for the ultimate Christmas movie night!

Food that matches the Film:

One of the best ways to make these evenings feel even more special is by matching the food or snacks that are available for your little ones whilst they watch. Although popcorn is a classic choice and will always be a favourite, here are some other ideas:

  1. Hot Chocolate
    Hot chocolates can be fancy and indulgent making little one’s eyes light up! They’re also easy to theme around a film. For the Polar Express, this also allows them to join in with the hot chocolate scene, they could make their very own styled drink and sing along too!

  2. Sweet Treats
    When we think of Christmas treats, Buddy the Elf instantly comes to mind. For creative snack ideas, the film Elf is truly king. Maybe spaghetti with marshmallows isn’t the best idea but some separate snacks from this film will make it truly magical to be so involved!

  3. Savoury Snacks
    If it's a Home Alone movie night, classic takeaway style pizza is a great choice. It's also a wonderful sharing choice and homemade can be a healthy option too!

  4. Activities for fidgety little ones
    We love having the whole family in one space, but some have shorter attention spans than others. To help everyone remain entertained throughout the whole film putting in some quiet activities that match the film is a great idea!

  5. Colouring Pages
    One of the simplest choices is to print some colouring pages with the film's characters on for little ones to colour whilst watching the film. It keeps them occupied and involved with the film whilst everyone else enjoys it too.

  6. Word or Character Bingo
    For little ones who want something a little more than colouring, word or character bingo is great. This involves watching the film and keeping count or crossing off things or characters as they see them. With a sibling or family member involved too, it makes a great game!

  7. Trivia Questions
    To keep little one’s focused on the film letting them know afterwards a game of trivia about the film will be played with prizes, they’ll want to know everything that happens! If they’re competitive they’ll even be making notes throughout the film!

Making things comfortable

Our most favourite thing to do to make movie night extra special at Christmas is to make the living room feel extra cosy. With more people in the home at this time of year extra seats are needed and here are our favourite options:

Wigiwama Bunny Beanbag
A favourite from the Wigiwama collection is the Bunny Beanbag. These velvet beanbags are luxuriously soft and a whole film can be enjoyed on them because of how comfortable they are. Lots of little ones like these because they can use the ‘ears’ to cover their eyes and face if something dramatic happens during the film creating a wonderfully safe and comfy space just for them.

Wigiwama Classy Beanbag
If you’re looking for a more classic style the Classy Beanbags are a great versatile choice for any space. They can stand alone or be propped up against a sofa to have little ones close. If your little one wants to be cuddled up to you, they’re also comfortable for adults to use too!

Wigiwama Ottoman
If you want to increase the comfortability and seating space in your home but want something a little different, the Wigiwama Ottoman’s are a great choice. They can be used as seats, large cushions to be propped up with or somewhere to rest feet whilst making a great looking interior too!

Wigiwama Cushions
For the final touches, Wigiwama cushions are the best choice. From Roll Cushions to Star Cushions there's something for everyone. To make a space even more inviting, to suit all styles and be grabbed during a film for extra comfort having a variety of cushions in different shapes isn’t just an aesthetic choice but one to keep the whole family happy! 

Many households share movie nights, especially around Christmas time. These evenings become traditions that spread through generations because they provide such quality time. They’re so well remembered and loved that when heading back to school or out with friends they’re spoken about in excitement too. Spending some extra time on making these evenings themed with extra comfort will make this time even more special!