Wigiwama’s guide to taking the best photos this Christmas

Some of us will be with little ones who are celebrating their first Christmas this year and even if we’re not, this time of year is full of so many memories we want to capture. Due to the time of year, there's low natural light which isn’t the best for getting incredible pictures. We also love having a cosy space at Christmas time which contributes to lower light. There are many contributing factors that can hinder getting the perfect photo, but to make your photos the exact way you want them we’ve outlined the best tips and tricks to capture all your memories perfectly!

Light Source

The low light is the hardest thing to overcome. It causes shaky images, underexposed images or to get what you want in your image you’re always feeling as though you have to compromise on something else. You do have multiple options though! Of course, adding additional lights to where you want to photograph is the easiest option but if you want to keep a specific ambience this might not be an ideal option. Looking for using the light available to light faces is the next option. Choosing to turn the people within your image to face windows during the day or artificial light sources at darker times will easily illuminate them and make them appear the most important thing within an image!

 canopy with child

Stabilising the camera

Something truly beautiful can be made from pre-framing your images. If you’re juggling hundreds of things on Christmas day, you might be concerned about missing some moments. By setting up a camera in the main Christmas space, you or another family member can easily get images when desired. This also helps combat the low light issue and removes camera shake! 

Style your background

Whether you are planning to pre-set a camera up or not, styling your background is important for the best images this Christmas. An overly busy background can ruin a photo. Of course, there needs to be elements that feel festive but thinking critically about how these will either elevate or clutter the image will make your images look professional. Also thinking about the colours that are included in this will really help and when you see these photos again, you’ll want to print them all to go on the home walls!

 star cushion on wall

Use props to focus

Natural images of great excitement opening gifts or enjoying luxury treats will be looked back upon very fondly. Using gift opening or the giving of wonderful treats to focus on when and what you photograph can take the pressure of trying to capture everything and actually missing on the things to enjoy in the actual moment. We also love using snuggly props for great expressions without (as our above point suggests) overcomplicating or cluttering your image. This could include fun shapes like the Wigiwama Star Cushions which feel festive but in their neutral tones don’t detract from the most important people in your photograph. These props also are important for keeping little ones interested so you can capture the best moment. We also love the Wigiwama Bunny Beanbags, Wigiwama Classy Beanbags or Wigiwama Ottomans for images where we want to include multiple people and want to create variation in height for both a pretty family portrait and for practicality!

Being vigilant 

There will be lots of moments that you’ll want to capture. Making sure that you get everything you want means being constantly alert to what’s going on, where everyone is and what everyone’s doing. As long as you have a camera near you, you’ll capture everything that you possibly can. If you have images specifically in mind, you might wish to make a list of things or events that you want to capture so you don’t miss a thing!

Lose the flash 

Even though the low light is a problem, flash isn’t the solution. Flash will make things looks stark and will lose the ambience that this festive period has. We want warmth and cosiness which flash will instantly eliminate. If you’re looking for the Christmas party aesthetic, flash is a good choice for harshly capturing movement, but we feel these family images will lend themselves to being soft and warm. 

 children playing together

Get a different perspective

If you have concerns over trying to do too many things on Christmas day that you might miss something, let your little ones have cameras too! To have a wonderfully different perspective of Christmas as well as moments that you won’t have ever had the opportunity to see, letting your little ones have free reign is a great idea. One of their gifts could be a camera especially for them or you could give everyone their very own disposable camera to play with!

Be inspired

If you’re looking for festive ideas there’s no better place to find unique and personal ideas than Instagram. There are various social media profiles that share beautiful imagery of their families that will give such incredible ideas to try at home. If you’re looking for ideas on how to create a space that will work to photograph your little ones in and look beautiful without detracting from them, check out our Instagram profile @wigiwama_uk

 playing around christmas tree

We hope this gives you some wonderful insight into how you can get some amazing pictures without any disappointment. By considering what you’ll have to think of on the day, you can prepare so that you know exactly what to do no matter what comes your way. If you’re giving your little one's cameras to capture some moments too, you’ll have amazing fun during the review! Of course, we would love to see your perfectly captured family moments from this Christmas we would love to see them. Tag us on Instagram @wigiwama_uk!