Wigiwama’s guide to kickstarting the new year

We want to welcome the New Year in with the strongest start. We want to kickstart the year with strength, determination and bring us and our families the most positive start to continue with and to motivate us throughout. We know that it can be hard to set New Year's resolutions especially with little ones who change and develop so rapidly, so we’ve compiled our lists of things to think about for the year to come so you can start in the most positive way!


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The Winter ‘Spring’ Clean

If there is something we can all agree on, it’s how much our space influences us. We often live with toys around us that haven’t been put away and many tiny clothes in different places. The start of the year will always feel better with a winter ‘spring’ clean. Whilst taking down the Christmas decorations anything that needs to be decluttered can go too. This allows a fresher perspective on how the home feels and if you might want to make any home decor changes in 2022!

The Social Media Plan

We’re all prone to getting lost on social media, sometimes as frequently as daily! We also would prefer it if our little ones didn't pick up this habit and kept spending their time outside, reading books, playing with others and all the other things that they get up to without the influence of the internet. Social media is a wonderful place to keep and share those incredible memories and milestones. Thinking about how you’ll use this to your advantage and not hindrance will help keep balance in 2022!

Choose skills to hone 

Talking of little one’s development, parents and guardians never stop learning either. Maybe there's something that's truly lit your fire or inspired you that you’d like to investigate more. Maybe a little Christmas baking session with your little one has brought so much joy to the kitchen that you want to involve them in more frequent cooking sessions and experiment with your own cooking abilities too!

Make time to relax

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that even the world has told us to take more time for ourselves and our families. There are so many different ways that people enjoy relaxing. From casual walks in nature to putting on a classic film with a hot drink. With such a variety of things to try, you could make it your year’s mission to try every style and type of relaxation! We love a special and sacred place at home that any member of the family can use at any time to relax in (check out the best places to sit and relax here!)


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Change the look of your space

If you don’t have a dedicated space for relaxation or you’ve had a winter ‘spring’ clean and want to change up your space there can be numerous benefits. From a new lease of life and putting a spring back in your step to updating your little one’s personal spaces as they grow, there are so many reasons why a freshen up can be a great idea. The process of compiling ideas, designing and creating is also great for yourself and whoever might want to have input too. A great idea to think about and kickstart your year!

Define your expectations

One of the largest pressures that come at this time of year is the ‘new years resolutions’. Targets and goals get set that are greatly ambitious and with young families with us, we often get disheartened when other things take precedence over these resolutions. Instead of resolutions, we like to think about our expectations and evaluate whether these are achievable within the time frame. Kickstarting the year by defining what you want to achieve can be a much easier and more successful route!

Teach healthy habits

When we think about how much time we want to spend with our little ones and how much they learn from us, this is a great motivation for our own healthy habits. After a Christmas of true indulgence and many delights, it's back to normality with a few more healthy tweaks. We know how important these things are to introduce at younger ages and we want to give our little ones the greatest future full of happiness, we can start now!

Ask what your little one wants

Talking of little ones, to keep the balance in the home a great idea is to ask them what they want. This will most likely change weekly if not every other day, but they can give a wonderful insight into the home and daily life that you might not have thought of. Their perspective will give you even more inspiration and motivation to start this year courageously! 

Work as a team 

You’re not on your own! There are lots of others working on similar goals and a wonderful community of support is building. Even if you’re not looking to seek external support, you’ve got your very own team already wanting the best for you and often to join in and help too! Make things even more fun by enjoying new things by working together with your little one!


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Find time for enjoying the special moments

The most important and top of the list for us is making time for the special moments. The milestones that your family will go through, the celebrations and the little wins. Ensuring time is made to enjoy and recognise these moments will enrich the year like no other!

Whether you choose to make new year’s resolutions or you’re looking to kickstart the year in a positive and confident way, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration! From encouraging time to working as a team to make healthy habits stick, there are so many options of how to start your year that there's no doubt it's going to be a good one!