Wigiwama on how to create the cosiest, warmest space for your family

We’re in the season and about to enter a season that all we want is to be warm and cosy. When we look at our families we just want them to all be in the same room with fresh, hot food, festive drinks, sweet indulgences and smiles on their faces. We want spaces that feel homely that we can witness the cold and wet weather from and if anyone has to or want to go out, they have somewhere they’ll always love coming back to. 

Many of us take great pride in our homes. Some of us also want to change our spaces with the seasons and events that happen throughout the year, and sometimes we just have moments where we feel that a change would be good! Regardless of your interior style or how often you like to change this up, when it comes to this time of year, there’s no denying that we all want more blankets, more pyjamas, more fuzzy socks and more hugs from our little ones. 

In this article, we’re going to let you in on our top tips for creating the cosiest and warmest space that feels so welcoming to your family and friends; they’ll never want to leave!

wigiwama velvet grey bunny beanbag


1. Velvet is the answer

We love the cotton textures. Its purity, ability to hold vibrant colour amongst its other great robust properties when being used for furnishings, especially around children! But, when it comes to changing a space to feel warm, velvet is a favourite choice of ours. The texture of it instantly elevates a space to feel softer and more inviting. The combination of this with other elements is key, but if you’re looking for a starting point, this is the place to begin. Introducing velvet to your space does both the things you’re looking for at this time of year; it brings warmth to your home and looks stylish in the process.

Our favourites include the Velvet Bunny Beanbags which come in a variety of colours so you’ll be able to find something that will simply fit into your home already and bring you that perfect feeling you want. We’re also big fans of the Cinnamon and Beige Cookie Beanbags. These come in two sizes (perfect for those who like to play with size in their décor designing) and have the perfect neutral combination. There isn’t anyone who won’t want to jump on to these beanbags!


wigiwama velvet collection


2. Colour is a sense

We spend lots of time thinking about how our little one’s senses develop and what we can do to help them to have rich sensory experiences. We forget, however, that even as adults our minds and bodies love and are happiest when all our senses are being pleased. There’s nothing cheerier than a rainbow appearing on a rainy day and when it comes to making things feel warm we should be thinking about the colours we’re introducing. If we introduce pale blues and greys on their own, our spaces will replicate the cold, frosty and icy feelings these colours make us think of. If we introduce warm yellows, rusty oranges and even chocolate browns, our spaces become the sunrise warmth we’re looking for. The deep, cosiness we feel when the lights are low and the fires are lit. 

If you’re looking for warm colour inspiration, check out the lion cushion, warm beige beanbag lounger, roll cushion velvet beige, velvet cinnamon ottoman and the other items available in these warm colours on our website!


wigiwama canopies in twin room


3. Floor to the ceiling; it’s the season

Height is a great choice for this season. We spend summer and spring with open windows and doors trying to air out our spaces, make them feel bigger and more open. When it gets colder, we don’t mind wanting less open space, bringing things in makes us feel cosier. 

We know that we love textured fabrics and we’re looking for height making our canopies a great option. These dramatic, flowing pieces hang from the ceiling and provide a surround in any room. It’s not just your little one that will want to spend time here, you’ll want to be there every evening reading books, drinking hot chocolates amongst all the fluffy blankets you can find. You’re creating a dream space for everyone!


wigiwama cushions and ottoman


4. You can never have too many cushions

From roll cushions in velvet beige, cinnamon button cushions, lion cushions and cinnamon star cushions, you can make the most visually beautiful space by layering colours, textures and shapes. This is a choice that really makes your space unique, it’s your own design by using tools you have at your disposal. At the end of the day, if you’ve covered your sofa, bed or chairs with comfy cushions in beautiful colours and materials, there isn’t anyone who’s going to miss the opportunity to sink into them!


playroom with wigiwama playmat


5. Keep the floor warm

We’ve talked about height, but don’t neglect the low down either! Heat rises so no one ever chooses to be down low, but with the new state of the art homes, this isn’t a problem anymore. So we want to not only make our floors feel warmer, but we want people to enjoy using this space too. We’ve talked about velvet above, and this is a perfect choice for this area too. An easy pairing against hardwood floors, carpet or any other floorings, it stands out in a simplistic way. The circle shape of the Wigiwama playmats and the ruffle is a fun addition whilst being incredibly practical too!

Your space is a very special place for you and your family. You want to make it an enjoyable area for everyone and hopefully, with our tips, there are a few easy and simple adjustments you’ve been inspired to make that will make your home feel even warmer and cosier for the season!