Wigiwama: 10 ways to celebrate valentines day with children

As valentines day fills the air, we’re thinking about how we can celebrate the day with our little ones. There's something very special about letting someone know how you feel about them and how they make you feel and this isn’t just reserved for partners in life. Our little ones are always looking at new creative ways to express themselves and valentines day offers an ideal opportunity for them to learn other ways to show their love for the people that surround them. So, here are our favourite 10 ways to celebrate this day so our little ones learn something and know how important they are to us!

  1. A one-to-one date
    There is simply nothing our little ones desire more than our undivided attention. Whether it be for a moment to share a new creation of theirs or to work through a problem. Making a special moment for them will fill their heart with joy and let them know that they’re very special to us. Our favourite is a one-to-one date. Whether this is a lunch, dinner, picnic, or dedicated time, framing it in this manner makes it feel extra special!

  2. The history of Valentines day
    If you’ve got a slightly older child who doesn’t think it’s cool to spend valentines day with you, something that will keep their minds interested is learning a little bit more about the history of the day. It also gives them some really cool things to share with their friends at school. What are the other names for this day around the world? How do they celebrate? Who receives the most cards on this day?

  3. Baking themed treats 
    There's a very strong theme of colours and shapes that comes with this day. This creates great parameters for baking. Choosing specific flavours that are coloured to match and creating shapes that represent it too. Once baked they can then be wrapped and given as a symbol of affection to important people in their lives. 

  4. Planning a special day out
    As valentines day falls on a Monday this year some of us will be working and some of our children will be at school. Just because the 14th is traditionally valentines day does not mean we have to celebrate it on that day. Planning an adventure or a special day out with your little one to look forward to will make them feel really special along with the ability to make it as Valentine-themed as they might want. You could also make it a surprise and take them somewhere that means a lot to them or you know they’ll really enjoy it!

  5. Movie-themed evening 
    There are hundreds upon hundreds of valentines themed movies and in combination with some of our other ideas, you could make a super evening. From chosen food to make the space extra comfy for cuddles (check out our Wigiwama Seating Collection for ultimate comfort and luxury!) 

  6. Making cards for others
    If you’re looking for a more independent activity to keep your little ones mind active and thinking of new ideas, crafting cards is a great choice and it can be kept as clean or go as messy as you like. If you need some inspiration we love this article by Mamatoyz: How to involve children in #sendacardtoafriendday

  7. Create your own play
    For those wanting to expel some energy, get creative thoughts going and really get into the spirit of this day a drama based performance is a fabulous activity to suggest. From acting out something very traditional like Romeo and Juliet to roleplaying favourite scenes from valentines movies to creating their very own narrative, the stage is truly theirs and your attention to watch their masterpiece will mean so much! They can spend time creating their own set (we love the ones with the Wigiwama Teepees for extra dramatic entrances!) all the way to making their very own tickets, it can be as elaborate as they want!

  8. Share kindness to others
    We’re spending a lot of February thinking about kindness and think that valentines day is the perfect time to spread kindness too. From a little chocolate gift to put a smile on someone's face to going out of their way to make someone feel special on this day, valentines day is about more than just hearts, pinks and chocolates!

  9. Planting seeds
    February is also a great time to begin planting seeds for the spring. Giving seeds to your little one this valentines day and helping them plant them isn’t just quality time for both of you but will also start to build an understanding of responsibility. It will be their job to nurture and love these seeds so they bloom beautifully!

  10. Valentines sleepover
    You might know of another family who wants to spend this valentines day as a couple and in the spirit of kindness, its a great opportunity to reach out and offer to ‘babysit’ for the evening. Your night could have a combination of the activities above and you’ll be helping two people spend a special day together. Get your Cushions out and get comfortable!

We hope that we’ve sparked some inspiration for activities that you can do with your child this valentines day. We’re all trying to make time for more acts of kindness and we can’t think of a better time than valentines day after a year or two of not being able to celebrate in traditional ways!