Why do you need the Wigiwama Playmat?

A playmat can be an incredible asset to a nursery, bedroom or any room in the house for that matter. Not only are they beautiful home decor that elevates a room because how else can you decorate a floor space, but they’re incredibly practical too. These Wigiwama Playmats are extra special and here are all the reasons why:

Support for tummy time

For those with children at the age of learning and developing strength in holding their heads up and learning to crawl, there's no better thing than a playmat. It provides a supportive place for them on the floor to explore and learn these important skills. The Wigiwama Playmats specifically provide a soft place for little ones to enjoy exploring their senses too. 


The Wigiwama Playmats are designed to be placed wherever you might need them. Whether your children are playing in the main room of the house or in their bedrooms, they can easily be picked up and moved to wherever they need to be. This allows parents to provide a playspace anywhere it's needed and keep their little ones comfortable for as long as they want to play. 

Safe and soft learning space

Carpets and floors can harbour germs and bacteria that are hard to consistently keep away from little hands and feet. By using a playmat it’s easy to maintain a healthy and safe environment for little ones to play on when on the floor. The soft material also makes it incredibly comfortable for them!

Easy maintenance

One of parents favourite features of the Wigiwama Playmats is that they are machine washable! If any accidents happen or it’s time to freshen up and remove any germs, they can go into the washing machine and be aired out to dry! It’s so simple and hassles free for simple peace of mind!

Safe and healthy

If you are looking for a playmat or a new playmat, the number one concern is the materials that it's made out of. If your child is crawling, walking, laying, sitting, playing or anything in between on something, it’s important that it's made of a safe and healthy material for them to spend time on. The Wigiwama Playmats are made of 100% STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Velvet ensuring that these materials are safe for your children. They are also double filled for extra softness with a fine hypo-allergic polyfill filling.

Enhancing senses and skills

Your little one will be wanting to try all sorts of things on their playmat depending on where they are at their stage of development. An older child may be practicing their fine-motor skills playing with specific toys whereas a younger child might be just starting to learn their gross-motor skills. Something that makes these playmats extra special is the softness of the velvet material, whether a child is playing with toys or really getting to grips with movement, this material enhances their senses. 

Home decor designing 

Another favourite feature of these playmats is their ability to finish the overall design of a room. Finding the right decor for placing on the floor can be incredibly challenging and trying to find something functional, practical and with easy maintenance is even harder. The Wigiwama Playmats circular shape makes any room feel complete and the ruffled edge gives a non-distracting accent that gives any room a unique feel. The colour range allows anyone to easily match their current decor. The perfect compliment!

The Wigiwama Playmats are a must have for a family home. Being so easily portable, beautifully designed and made of the softest and healthiest material, no home is complete without one! We especially love the support they provide at the first stages of gross-motor skill development, how easy they are to maintain by parents and how they create a safe place for little ones.