What does it mean to be a modern parent?

As it's the first month of the year, many of us are taking the time to think about what we want to achieve and where our families will be in their own development this time next year. Lots of things have changed in the generation between us and our children and technology amongst many other things has evolved at a rapid rate making us think about the question of, what does it mean to be a modern parent?


Parenting Style: There is no right or wrong

There has never been a rule book for being a parent, nor is there one now in the modern age. We are abundant with information. If we have a question about anything from an ailment to an idea, we often can immediately find an answer from our mobile phones. This also gives us incredible access to parenting help and ideas of how to do things we might be unsure about. This both gives us an incredible resource and advantage but also a lot to consider and try to avoid. There is just as much misinformation on the internet as there is valuable information and it's up to us to be able to evaluate what we read or learn and how we decided to apply it to our parenting style. Everyone has their very own parenting style that is right for them and their family!


Healthy attitude for the basics

Something that crops up a lot of the time around parenting is working on building consistent healthy habits around the basics of life. We’re becoming more aware of how our attitudes affect our children and the way they feel about things making a great way for us to promote a healthy and happy future for them. We take into consideration what our little one's environments are like and how these impact them as much as we do their nutrition! All of these things are so important for your little one to learn for the best success and learning to look after themselves in the best way possible. 


Social: What’s going on in the world?

Another change that features greatly in our little ones in the modern world is their sociability. There have always been baby groups, playgroups and meetings of parents to get little ones socialising. As such an important part of their development, being sociable with others of their own ages as well as older helps them form a greater understanding of the world around them. 

Similarly social now means something different in the modern world. Social can also refer to social media, allowing instant access to events happening around the world at any time as well as easy communication with friends and family. There are many different opinions on the effects that this type of interaction for our little ones has as they grow up and many different shared ideas on how this is monitored for a healthy upbringing. 



Technology has also given parents wonderful opportunities including peace of mind. Baby monitors for sound and video, safety equipment for cars and activities, all the way to software that helps protect our children when they’re old enough to be online. Each of our points so far has touched upon how different technology has made being a parent. From social media to advice, technology has given a gift of communication and information but many parents work in different ways to monitor exposure for safety. Learning the skills of staying safe online along with spending adequate time offline so that little ones have a balanced upbringing.  Technology was never something parents needed to consider but now it has such a huge place in everyday life its now something that has to be considered as part of parenting. 


The balance of time 

Parenting is about so many things. It is a never-ending journey of learning that includes so many things to juggle at once. All of these things are so important and one of them is time. The balance of time for a parent, or someone who isn’t a parent, is truly a magical act that is so hard to get right, but once it's been nailed it can truly transform parenting. Whether it be health, nutrition, exercise, administrative tasks, quality time there are so many things that need to happen in a day. Creating a balance brings strength and happiness to home and family. Being able to do so brings a relaxed and welcoming environment to grow up in and a place of strength to parent from. 

Parenting has never been an easy task. There will undoubtedly be no one that you’ve spoken to about parenting who said they knew what they were doing! We’re privileged to be in a position where we have access to so much history of teaching along with alternative ideas to how things can be done for the success of each individual family and their unique nature. Nothing will ever be the same for one family as another and being a parent is no easy task. Being a modern parent means being able to juggle more things whilst looking after the delicate and beautiful little ones we have. 

Don’t forget to give yourself credit; you’re doing a job that there is no rule book for!