What are we teaching for National Compliment Day?

On the 24th of January, we celebrate National Compliment Day. This day creates a wonderfully bright and joyous feeling for everyone involved, whilst teaching our little ones valuable lessons in life about the impact and importance of relationships with others. In this article, we’re going to delve into what this all means and why it’s so good for our children to be involved in this national day!

What is a compliment?

‘A compliment is a comment intended to express praise or admiration of someone.’

A compliment is a sentiment said by one person to another. It expresses an acknowledgement of someone’s positive actions, sharing a moment of unity and appreciation for what someone else has done and is a way of communicating respect and admiration. A compliment can bring together strangers or increase the bond between an already existing relationship. The positive sentiment makes both parties involved experience a sense of happiness and contentment for what is being done. 


Why does #nationalcomplimentday exist?

National Compliment Day was founded in 1998 by two women, Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman. The day was created to remind people of the significance of a compliment, how it makes others feel and how within human nature it’s an important part of building great relationships. This connection is not only great but it's done in such a positive way that it should be celebrated! Chamberlain and Hoffman unofficially created the day to encourage more people to let those around them know how appreciated they are. 

 Who is Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman?

Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman are the authors of Find Something Nice to Say - The power of compliments. The book explains everything anyone would need to know about giving compliments. Including heartwarming stories of the difference a compliment can make and the impact, it has the rules of how to nail the perfect compliment. They developed a simple strategy for everyone to be able to use. From parents and children to spouses and bosses, there's a simple formula that suits everyone. 

How do you give a compliment?

Paying attention to someone's actions is the best way to find the source of a compliment that really shows you’ve noticed and truly care about them and what they’re doing. By seeking this type of information you or your little one learns incredible things about how to be empathetic, generous and kind. By closely seeking an understanding of someone else, what they do and why they do it, a sense of self-awareness is also created.

Why do you give a compliment?

Compliments are all about selfless acts that make others feel good. There are no transactional requirements, a compliment is given out of the goodness of someone’s heart to let another person know they’ve thought about them and they admire what they do. Complimenting someone also has an impact on the person who says it. It can boost a positive attitude whilst helping others and cultivating stronger relationships. It can help everyone, no matter how young, improve their self-esteem and help them lead a happier and more positive life. 

What is it like to receive a compliment?

Compliments make all of us feel good. There isn’t anything to deny this and everyone will have experienced an emotional reaction to receiving a compliment, from a slight smile to wanting to hug the person who said it. Research has shown that receiving a compliment lights up the same part of the brain as when receiving a monetary award. Following on from this positive alignment, research has also shown that receiving compliments help us to learn new motor skills and behaviours - what a perfect piece of knowledge for parents!

How can we encourage our children’s natural positivity?

The habit of paying compliments in daily life doesn’t just make others feel good but helps us to notice and appreciate the good things around us. By being able to understand and seek the things we like and love about our lives, we have a more positive outlook on life and our children can too. This simple habit that makes others feel good and helps us learn also results in learning how to see the good and how to seek the things that will cultivate more positive actions. By teaching our little ones the habit of being able to naturally compliment others, we help them naturally develop an affinity towards positivity and give them the best outlook on life. 


What does it do for our children to receive compliments from us?

Praise in the form of compliments helps how our children grow and develop. It helps to nurture their confidence as well as their sense of self. Each child has their own specific needs and has their own special type of praise and encouragement that works best for them but most children will enjoy and take great pride in receiving a compliment from their parents. This praise also helps them learn to think and talk positively about themselves and grow their own mindfulness. It also helps them to recognise achievements, when they do well and how to feel proud of their actions. 

National Compliment Day is a wonderful day to take a moment to consider how many compliments we actually give. Whether we take a moment to think about how we are letting our children know how proud we are of them and how amazing they’re doing or if we believe it's time to spend time helping them to understand the power of a positive mind. 

This year we want to spread more of the positivity and we hope our article has shone some light on how important the simple act of giving a compliment is. We’d love to see what you and your little one’s get up to so head over to our Instagram page @wigiwama.uk to find out how we’re spreading more compliments and share your own!