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What are transition objects and why do you need them?

When we think of transitional objects, the definition of this term is a chosen possession that offers a feeling of comfort and security to a young child. We never have any choice over what item this will be and therefore provide our little ones with a variety of beautiful items they might want to bond in this way with. Most likely it will be a soft toy, teddy or blanket. This will also most likely be taken everywhere with them and cause upset if it is to go missing. It provides our children with reassurance especially if they, later on, are feeling uncertain about leaving you to go to school, moving into a new room or any changes that feel...

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Wigiwama’s Guide to Photographing Children in 8 Easy Steps

Photographing children isn’t an easy task. There are many photographers out there who dedicate their careers to photographing children because it is such a skill! But, we can’t all afford to have a professional come to every party, event and milestone in our children’s lives. The likelihood is you’ve stumbled across our post because you want to be taking the best photos of your little ones when the professional isn’t around. So keep reading for our best tips for not missing a moment!   1. They’re going to do what they’re going to doIf you want to get the best photographs possible, you’ll want to remove your thinking on what this ideal is. The best photos of children you’ve seen...

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