How to prepare your home for kids in Autumn

children's autumnal nursery bedroom


The summer season has been like no other. It felt precious that we had the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family in beautiful weather - even if there were fleeting moments where we thought it would be taken away, it made all of the other moments feel even more special. As we see our little ones move up the years in school, start school and go to new schools, the summer has clearly come to an end; but this is not to be dwelled upon! It was a great summer and our autumn will be even better! Here are our best ideas on how to prepare your home in ways that keep your children as upbeat for autumn as they were for summer!

Change to warm colours

Autumn is the season to begin getting cosy. From pale pastels and bright primary colours through summer, a simple switch to neutral tones or ones that have warmth going through them completely change the feeling of a room. It can even make a room feel like a completely different space. When your little one returns to a fresh room of these types of colours they’ll want nothing more than to get snuggly and cosy!


children's beanbag and cushion


Accessorising for warmth and texture

We talk a lot about sensory development and how little things can help bring wealth to our little one’s imagination, creativity and growth. With so many options across the market, how can we not get excited to accessorise our homes? Creating spaces to spend time when the weather isn’t so pleasant or when the nights start drawing in makes everything feel even better. We love the velvet collection for this, especially the warm tones and playful Cookie Beanbags and the Star Cushions.

Hanging and making decorative leaves 

A perfect activity for you and your family is to spend time admiring the seasonal change and collecting leaves and other things to bring into your home. During the Christmas season we bring in the green, so why not bring in these natural elements in this season too? Not only does it make a great activity with so many creative elements, but it also has so many other benefits. By bringing natural pieces into the home we create a positive atmosphere for our children to concentrate, be productive and for us, it brings a sense of calm. 

Waiting for the right light for photographs 

Autumn light feels so different to summer light. Once we’ve spent this time changing your home for the season, you’ll want to take photos. Waiting for morning or evening light will make a huge difference to the quality of your photo by giving it the warm tones and feelings it deserves. Check out our article on Photographing Children in 8 Easy Steps to get the best photos!

So head out and have some new adventures. Embrace the season for all the new things it offers. Make changes in your home to suit these changes and enjoy the smiles on your little one’s faces when they get to enjoy this space and time with you.