How does interior decor affect children?

We’re all human. With this comes an incredible amount of senses and exploration. Even though we think we might have a handle on what’s going on in our lives, even after becoming parents, we’re still learning so much each and every day! For our little ones, this is one of the most explorative periods of their lives. Learning to understand the world and what makes it move around them, who they might meet along the way and of course learning all about themselves. From how they grow physically to how their minds develop, watching our little ones grow is a very magical experience. There are so many things that we do that influence our little ones and how they develop too. From how we teach them manners and respect to how they interpret scenarios we’ve likely had an impact. But, we also influence them in their likes and dislikes including how they like their space to be! 

baby and beanbag

Colour and mood

There has been great in-depth research about the impact of colour on children. Certain choices have a direct influence on their mood and behaviour. We’re not saying that colour can specifically affect them in ways that radically change their behaviour, but it can have a positive impact. Some colours will make them feel calmer than others. Some will help them focus whilst others will give them energetic feelings. Choosing the right colour for a specific space can have an overall impact that both you and your little one can enjoy. From the walls to the textiles to the materials that each piece of furniture is made out of, each element can make a difference depending on its colour. 


Clean and crisp spaces

The decluttering effect is great for both you and your little one too. By removing things that are making a space feel crowded, opening it up and allowing more air, light and flow into a space can completely transform a room. The overall impact reduces stress on the mind along with making things visually calming contributing to less stimulation and a greater relaxed feel. 


The separation between play and sleep 

Some families are fortunate enough to have a separate space for play and sleep for little ones. Some use a living room area as a place for adults and a place for children and others combine their child’s bedroom as somewhere that is their independent space where both play and sleep happens. Creating a division, wherever your little ones sleeping place is and play space is, can make a difference to their mood. Rather than entering into a space excitedly ready to play when it's time to go to bed, a differentiation helps them be in the right frame of mind to sleep when it's time to do so. 

We love the Wigiwama Canopies for helping provide a separation between a place to sleep and a place to play. The light flowy material is truly relaxing too!


What are the dominating features?

If you’re considering having a bit of a move around and change for the families benefit, the best place to start is looking at what things are dominating and making the biggest impact. Is it the colour of the walls? Is it the shape of the furniture? Is it the choice and combination of materials?

Removing these or changing them for more relaxed shapes, colours and textures can change the space to incredibly relaxing. We love the velvet collections for making any room feel inviting, soft and relaxing. Wigiwama Star Cushions to Roll Cushions and Wigiwama Playmats there's a variety to make your space feel perfect!


Imagination and creativity

We’ve talked about how the changes we make can help to add a relaxed feel to a space, but they can also inspire imagination and creativity. From a room where things can get messy, paints are thrown around or sound can be made, the dedicated space can really light a little one’s fire in something that they can really be passionate about from a young age. Similarly, it can help to push the imagination. Including elements that transform them to another place or provide a sanctuary for them to explore these adventures. 


Teaching responsibility

When changing a space tailored for the development of your little one, it also provides an ideal opportunity to instil the habit of responsibility. By making a space especially for them, with their personality in mind, it’s important that they look after it and realise this importance too. This will help them have respect for themselves and for others space in the future. 

cushion and sons

Comfort and safety 

Most importantly, the comfort and safety a room provides are what will have the biggest impact on your little one. When they know that there is a place for them to go to truly be themselves, to relax or to problem solve, this will ultimately make them feel safe and secure. This will allow them to really get involved with exploring who they are, what they want to be and many other things too. 


Out of everything, this place becomes unique and special to them. They trust this space, use this space and enjoy this space for all the hard work you’ve put into creating it. The design of a room has an important impact and the love and care that goes into it go a long way too. They will forever remember having something so special that aided their development and was such an incredible gift from the people they love most.