Everything you need to know about the Wigiwama Teepee Sets!

The Wigiwama Teepee Set is more than just something fun for a little one. It becomes a feature of a room and encourages their imaginative development. The design of this stunning piece ensures that it’s going to last not just for siblings, but for generations too. For something extra special, the gift of a Wigiwama Teepee is so much more. Your little ones will love this new addition to your home that offers them their own private space to run wild with their imagination. 

Here are all the things you need to know about the Wigiwama Teepee Set!


Wigiwama teepee in childrens bedroom

What’s in the set?

Each Wigiwama Teepee Set comes with the fabric teepee with rounded window, four stackable Birch wooden poles, cotton cord, padded matching cosy mat and matching cushion cover. Whatever colour choice you make, everything is seamlessly colour coordinated for ultimate design pleasure. Each set can easily be put together with the help of your little one and can easily be moved around the home for ultimate interior placement.

Why do I need a Wigiwama Teepee Set?

Wigiwama was designed by mothers for other parents. The Wigiwama Teepee Set was the first product of the brand and is still the top desired item. Built for longevity, the Wigiwama Teepee Set is something your little one will always remember as something they deeply enjoyed playing with and was a feature of their childhood once they’ve grown up. This piece will be in the family for generations to come and the materials that it’s made of are chosen for their low impact on the environment, looking after the world for their future. The Wigiwama Teepee Set helps children develop their imagination and creative skills. It also provides them with their own space, encouraging independence and self-sufficiency. By giving them their own little space they can design it however they want, create playful games and look after their own belongings within this. 


wigiwama beige teepee set interior design

What can the Wigiwama Teepee Set be used for?

Playing with the Wigiwama Teepee Set is up to your child. The possibilities are endless and their imagination can go wild! Here are some of the Wigiwama’s founder’s children’s favourite games and things to do with their Teepee:

  1. A garage for ride-on cars 
  2. An extra space to store toys
  3. A quick change wardrobe
  4. The ‘sauna’ of a fancy spa
  5. A cloning machine when friends come to play
  6. Just taking a break
  7. Pretend camping during sleepovers
  8. Friday night fun parties
  9. An obvious hide and seek spot that no one will check
  10. The best place to read

What is the Wigiwama Teepee Set made of?

The Wigiwama Teepee Sets are made of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Cotton. This certification shows that the fabrics used haven’t come into contact with any unwanted chemicals or unsafe elements and are incredibly safe for children to be around, touch and play with. The poles of the Wigiwama Teepee Set are made of 100% Birch and are hand finished to ensure that each and every set is perfect. The matching padded playmat has a fine hypo-allergenic polyfill which is also OEKO-TEX® certified.


wigiwama teepee set in living room

How do I put it together?

The Wigiwama Teepee Set is easy to put together. The four poles screw together and then slide into the fabric teepee. The top is then tied with the cotton cord and the matching mat can be placed inside. All you then need is to cover a cushion with the supplied matching cushion cover and it’s all ready for your little one to add any other touches they might want!

How big is the Wigiwama Teepee Set once assembled?

The Wigiwama Teepee Set has a square base of 100cm in width and 100cm in depth. Once assembled, the height of the teepee is 120cm.

Can it be used inside and outside?

The Wigiwama Teepee Set is the ultimate product for 365 days of fun every year. The set can be taken outside during warmer weather for picnics, entertainment, relaxation and even creative plays if your little one likes performance! Its cotton fabric helps maintain a cool interior for your little ones to stay safe and cool on hotter days. In the colder and damper months, the Wigiwama Teepee Set never looks out of place in a nursery or living room. The colour choices offer so many interior aesthetic options that you’ll never feel the need to pack it away, but if you do, it conveniently can be put away just like it gets delivered to your door!

Are there other matching items?

It’s likely that you’ll fall in love with the quality, aesthetic and enjoyment your child or children get from the Wigiwama Teepee Set. There are various beanbags, loungers, cushions and playmats to add to your little collection. You can also mix and match designs and colours made out of the same materials to create your very own, unique space. Find all seating options here, cushions here and playmats here

This is one of the bestselling designs by Wigiwama. So many children have had the opportunity to enjoy amazing experiences with the Wigiwama Teepee Sets. They’ll never go out of style, are perfect for all children and encourage both imaginative play a