Everything you need to know about the Wigiwama Seating Collection!

There’s always been something very special about designing the interior space of a home. It’s such a personal and unique thing to do. Everyone has their own unique style that they can be as creative as they like within their own homes. When children become involved it brings a whole new dynamic too. From the colours to the safety to the themes, a home can really be changed by having little one’s running around. 

We love providing pieces that make any space comfortable, practical and stylish. With both child and parent in mind, the Wigiwama Seating Collection has something to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. Here’s everything you need to know about the Wigiwama Seating Collection:

  1. Wigiwama Bunny Beanbag 
    One of the most favourite pieces in the collection is the Wigiwama Bunny Beanbag. This velvet piece is traditionally shaped with the perfect filling to keep everyone comfortable. Unlike any other beanbag, the Bunny Beanbag has the wonderful, charming and cheerful addition of ‘ears’. These have been used to hide faces during scary moments in films or just held as an extra comfort when snuggling down listening to a story. This fun addition to a living room or bedroom brings a very happy smile to everyone’s faces!

  2. Wigiwama Classy Beanbag 
    The Wigiwama Classy Beanbag is the true traditional beanbag shape. A perfect addition to a space providing an extra, and extra comfortable, place for anyone to sit. Available in a range of Wigiwama colours and patterns, this piece perfectly accents other collection items but also can work on its own. This is a classic favourite, made to last and loved by siblings!

  3. Wigiwama Ottoman
    The Wigiwama Ottoman’s are a unique and sophisticated choice. They have a wonderful round shape that makes them feel inclusive and soft when placed in a room setting. They hold their rounded shape and their plumpness making them incredibly inviting. Coming in a range of colours and textures including the signature velvet, the Ottoman’s have matching piping and a gold detailed zip to really offset the beautiful symmetry.


  4. Wigiwama Cinnamon and Beige Cookie Beanbag
    Another hugely popular choice is the super fun Wigiwama Cinnamon and Beige Cookie Beanbags. Available in two sizes for the ultimate aesthetic design choices, the combination of colour and shape marks these pieces super fun. The handle makes it easy for little ones to pull them to where they want to sit along with being a handy way to hang and store them. From the jungle to the circus, no matter the theme of a space the neutral colours fit perfectly!

  5. Wigiwama Pear Beanbag
    If you’re on the hunt for a perfectly plump shaped beanbag the Wigiwama Pear Beanbag is the choice for you. Coming in a range of colours and patterns the way the beanbag sits makes an ideal shape to be encompassed by softness and comfort for a film or reading a book. This inspired shape has both an easy carry handle and an embroidered leaf shape to finish the look with the perfect touch. 

  6. Wigiwama Beanbag Lounger
    For the ultimate relaxation, the largest in the seating collection is the Wigiwama Beanbag Lounger. This piece feels luxurious for its extended length giving anyone who resides on it full support in their legs to really put their feet up. This is also a great piece for sharing. If you’re wanting to cuddle up with a book and read with your little one or they need some comfort during a scary moment in a film, this piece is perfect for a cuddle. It is also greatly loved for the ultimate sleepover party whilst being a great additional seat for a living room. Available in the Wigiwama signature colours, there’s a perfect choice to suit any space!

  7. Velvet
    Many of the seating collection comes in the velvet fabric choice. This super-soft fabric is the most luxurious to cuddle up with. Its warm texture will have people using them trying not to fall asleep! The velvet fabric comes in white, grey, deep blue, beige and cinnamon tones. There will be a perfect colour to build a beautiful cosy aesthetic in any room you choose! The Wigiwama cushions also come in the velvet fabrics making them easy to mix and match!

  8. Patterns and Colours
    If you’re looking for a texture other than velvet the seating collection is also available in 100% cotton. A safe and soft material for little ones to enjoy and parents to have fun with their home decor. The block colours make great bold accents and each pattern has its own individuality to highlight other fun elements in a room.

  9. Wigiwama Cushions and Playmats
    When designing a space, some of the hard work has been done for you! Wigiwama has a range of matching cushions in lots of different fun shapes and sizes that match throughout the collections to help create a beautifully cohesive space. There is also a range of playmats in velvet texture too. The hard part is choosing the designs to pair!

  10. OKE-TEX® Certified
    The seating collection is made from the same certified materials the other collections are made of too. They are made of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® materials therefore you can trust that these materials are safe, long-lasting and comfortable for everyone to use.


The collection consists of seating for any style of home and any need. There is sure to be something to suit everyone! If you’re looking for more inspiration head over to our Instagram channel to meet our community of amazing interior designers, pros, hobbyists, parents and others to inspire your next room. Also, be sure to tag us enjoying your new Wigiwama pieces!