Conscious purchasing for children’s development and the environment!

As our world continues to evolve and we gain a greater understanding of some of the unhealthy things we humans have done and the impact they’ve had, a movement towards environmentally conscious products has begun. Plastic-free toys and toys made out of conscious materials aren’t new to the marketing world, but more and more parents are looking for items that don’t just have minimal impact on the environment their little ones are growing up in but also ones that are going to last and help their children’s imaginations grow.

The brand Wigiwama began through a desire to create a playful and fun interior space for children and has evolved from 2016 to the line of products you see today. With mindful living also being a key aspect of design, the thought of each product isn’t just about how these products fit into daily life and home interiors but also how long they last, where their materials are sourced and how this quality is reflected. This balance between design, nature and children being children ultimately inspired and grew this sustainable brand.

What you need to know is that Wigiwama products are still made locally to their original starting point in a homelike factory. Every supplier and manufacturer is carefully selected to ensure that they withhold the same standards and from the starting point of a product all the way to when it arrives at your doorstep, each step has been considered at great length. Wigiwama products are all about you as the customer, how they can be enjoyable, exciting and help your children grow whilst respecting the world for future generations. 

Here are a few of our favourite products and the reasons why they meet our high standards!


child in teepee at home

Wigiwama Teepees

These canvas teepees are made of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Cotton (240mg/m2). This certification assures you this material is safe to be around children because it shows there are no harmful chemicals or substances present in this material. The structure of the teepee is made of Birch wooden poles which aren’t just sanded smooth but hand-finished to ensure that your little ones are around a design made with the highest quality and care. These teepees are more than just an amazing place for your little one’s to explore their creative imagination; they become focal points for rooms, last generations and a made with the environment in mind.


beautiful children's bedroom

Wigiwama Cinnamon & Beige Cookie Beanbags

The Cinnamon & Beige Cookie Beanbag are a unique style with its shape and design. Just like the teepees, their velvet material is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Velvet (90% Cotton) showing the safety of the material for your children to play and relax on. The EPS beads are recyclable and reusable, they’re conveniently machine washable and anti-allergenic. They pair perfectly with children’s room interiors but aren’t out of place within a living room environment. This versatile product is ideal seating as your children grow up and aren’t ever going to go out of style in these beautiful neutral colours!


child drinking from waterbottle

Wigiwama Waterbottles

These expertly made bottles are the perfect on the go companion. The convenient 350ml size is ideal for little ones to be able to carry around exactly what they need. Wigiwama Waterbottles are made of 18/8 stainless steel to keep drinks cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. With a Sip & Go leak-proof lid, it’s also great for those practising their fine motor skills with drinking out of different bottles without the risk of spilling on days out. These lids are made of PP, are BPA free and the lid comes with a food-grade silicone straw. With its very own cleaning straw, your little one can begin to learn why reusing is important and how to look after their belongings so they last. 

It is our responsibility to teach our little ones about how to look after the world around them and we can do this by consciously purchasing the items they love!