10 Imaginative indoor activities to inspire from 5 years old!

Inspiring imagination is an important part of any little one’s development. From language to social skills, imaginative play encourages better understanding, practice and more control over these crucial life skills. As children reach the age of going to nursery school and other places where they start having more interaction with peers their own age, they will begin to learn from each other. Setting up activities that are specifically tailored to encourage imaginative play is a great way to help your little ones develop these skills without thinking about it or any pressure. When they turn up at the park or play area and meet friends, they can then bring these activities forward as game suggestions to help them bond and make new friends. Here are our top 10 imaginative activities to inspire from 5 years old, they’re also indoor friendly for this time of year!


children playing with wigiwama cushions around them


1. Picnics

There’s nothing better than heading out for a stroll followed by a wonderfully made picnic. With the turn of the weather, we’re all spending more time indoors and picnics don’t need to go anywhere because of this! If you’re looking for an activity that you can get involved together in, picnic preparation is a great choice. Then it can be blankets and cushions after a trek around the house to enjoy freshly baked goodies in a new special way. All the toys can be invited too!


children reading on wigiwama cookie beanbag


2. Storytelling

As your little one’s imagination grows, characters, events and all manner of things that we could never think of start to grow in their minds. We should be nurturing this creativity and allow them the time to come out with their stories and come across problems to solve with their new characters. We love creating a space and time for our little ones to tell us their own story that they’ve come up with. We like to come down to their level and make a circle of different seats for us and any toys that might want to listen. 


3. The home theatre 

For a more in-depth activity, we like to set the challenge of creating a performance. They can be as elaborate as they like with costumes and props and can really get involved with telling a story that they like or one of their very own. They then get to excitedly perform it to you!


4. Fort building

For the rainy days when there’s lots of energy, there is nothing better than building a fort! We love giving our little ones the use of any beanbags, cushions and playmats they can find. 


child reading in wigiwama teepee


5. Camping

The season is too cold to be heading out for the night, but that doesn’t mean that imaginative minds can’t get wild with an at-home camping trip. With all the necessary stories, baked goodies and teepees this can be a wonderfully fun time that they’ll be desperate to tell all their friends about!


6. Make your own superhero

Similar to the home theatre, if your little one is struggling to come up with a direction of their own creating their own superhero is an amazing choice. They get to think about what being a superhero means, what traits they admire and what their imagination would love for them to be able to do in real life. Plus, the homemade costumes would be incredible!


hanging wigiwama canopy


7. The talent show

Sometimes props can make an imaginative activity be completely elevated. We love using the canopies in a room, floor to ceiling, so little ones can make an entrance from inside to show off a talent. This provides a great insight into what they might want to be when they grow up too!


8. Collection time

A fun activity to keep busy minds interested is the collection game. Here you're simply providing them with a place or playmat to put specific items that they can find from around the home. This is another great activity for if you wish to inspire with a little direction. By outlining some guidelines to stay within, your little one can get creative. It’s also perfect if you want to inspire the habit of tidying up!


9. Shadow Puppet theatre

For those little artists, a puppet theatre is a popular choice. Throughout the day they can make their own puppets out of whatever materials they can find. Then when light is a bit lower they can shine a torch onto their teepee and create their one of a kind show!


10. Librarians

We saved our true favourite till last; the librarian. This activity involves them taking on the role of being the person who cares for the books they so love and inspire them so much. Whether today is the day of reorganising the shelves from favourite to least favourite or by colour, to taking a book to share with their toys or siblings, this activity both inspires them to take on a role of imagination whilst giving them other inspiration from the stories themselves. 

We hope that our ideas have inspired you to set aside some time to set these things up. Although they don’t all require your involvement this does mean it also helps to inspire independence and confidence too. These activities are all aimed to be played inside during the holidays and are great for keeping attention directed on productive activities that most of these things will give an end result to be enjoyed and crucially encouraged by loved ones.